Concrete Crushing

Rocky Road Recycling

Our crushing facility is located at 34 Grey Street Winnipeg, MB. Contact us by phone at (204) 668-5430.

Our crushing facility recycles material for re-use in the construction industry. Concrete and asphalt is brought to our facility, crushed and then sold to customers. Bringing material to our site prevents it from being buried in landfills and damaging the environment. Our crushing equipment can also be mobilized.

Our recycled crushed concrete meets City of Winnipeg specifications. We can also crush to any customer specification. We produce 4", 2" and 3/4" down, crushed concrete, and 3/4" down crushed asphalt. All products can be hauled to a site, or loaded into your truck at our yard.


3/4" Recycled Concrete

3/4 Inch Recycled Concrete

2" Recycled Concrete

2 Inch Recycled Concrete

4" Recycled Concrete

3/4 Inch Recycled Concrete

3/4" Recycled Asphalt

7 3/4 Inch Recycled Asphalt

When you want it all, we do it all.

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