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2012/2013 - South Pointe Subdivision Phase 1, Stage 5

Owner: Ladco Development Company | Value: 7.8 Million | Consultant: Tetra Tech

South Pointe was a 178 lot subdivision complete with concrete residential and collector streets, large diameter LDS, watermain, wastewater, lot servicing and lot grading.  Working with both Tetra Tech and Ladco’s field representatives we were able to complete the work on schedule and within the budget. Some of the major components of work included:

  • 20,900m3 of excavation
  • 10,000t of granular material
  • 30,000m2 of slip-form and hand pour concrete paving
  • 2,000m of LDS main line installation
  • 2,500m of WWS main line installation
  • 2,500m of WM main line installation

When you want it all, we do it all.

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