A Safe Workplace

Bayview Construction and Rocky Road Recycling are COR-Certified companies. Our safety goal doesn't start when we clock in and it doesn't stop when we punch out. Safety begins and ends with our workers.

Manitoba Heavy Construction Association (MHCA) Work Safely


Our employees receive various levels of training depending on their position and job tasks. No employee is allowed to take on any new job task unless they have received adequate training. “Learning continues for a Lifetime.”

Injury Prevention

Injury prevention starts with team work. No new employee will be without a mentor to ensure they understand our safety culture. We focus on injury prevention by ensuring proper training, hazard recognition with controls, and establishing that teamwork will not be underutilized.

Safety vs. Production

We focus not on a program but on a safety culture. A program is a book with words, a culture is our way of life. We incorporate a safety culture within production tasks so that safety is "the way it is done".

Positions Available

Our solid, yet rapidly expanding company now employs over 100 skilled individuals who know what it takes to get a job done and done right.